About 1st Forex Trading Academy

Founded in 2004, 1st Forex Trading Academy was the first trading school to be established. Running from 2004 to 2006 with over 100 students graduating within that time frame. Our teaches and owners decided to take a leap away from Forex to explore new projects and ideas.  However, life works in mysterious ways and has brought them back to their first love, Forex. This is why they have decided to re-launch 1st Forex Trading Academy, with the same elite teacher we had when we first started.

1st Forex Trading Academy has made it its mission to educate our students how to trade Forex with limited stress, so that you can make it your life-long career and make quite a nice living doing so from the comfort of your own home. Why we do this? We know that Forex is a stressful business, in which many unfortunately burnout before the age of 30 when they choose Forex as their career path. However, this is not the case with all traders, we have developed our curriculum to ensure you will enjoy your life as a trader and be part of an elite team.

Our vision is to educate our students on how to turn trading into a life-long career. The market is there regardless, and it is immense; why not take advantage of it. We wish to teach you how to utilize the market to grow your personal wallet, no matter the size it is now. Whether your right out of school and entering the job market or retired, 1st Forex Trading Academy believes forex is for everyone. No matter your age, job status, or wallet size, it’s time to start trading and change your life.